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Act Laboratories focuses on the quantification of major cannabinoids and terpenes. Today’s patients understand that the value and the efficacy of their cannabis medication depends upon much more than a THC value. Cannabinoids and terpenes may combine to produce effects within the human body, many of which are not yet widely understood. However, recent research has suggested that when terpenes interact with endocannabinoid receptors they may assist or hinder the effects of cannabinoids. The presence of these so-called entourage effects means that the value of a given medicinal product may be greater than the combination of its individual components. It is therefore critical to quantify all of these potentially helpful compounds in order to make valuable correlations between patient outcomes and medicinal cannabis and develop successful treatment plans.


Employment Opportunities.

An Equal Opportunity Employer.

ACT Laboratories is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers employment opportunities for qualified candidates. If interested in joining our team, please send your resume to [email protected].

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Top Technology.

We utilize the latest technology from Shimadzu and Agilent.

Our laboratories are equipped with instrumentation that may include HS-GC FID system, HPLC, GC triple quad mass spec, LC triple quad mass spec, ICP-MS, HS-GC single quad, and PCR.

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