Quality Credo

Quality credo: What we stand for

Our responsibility to patients, consumers, brands, and the industry at large, is to continuously:

  • Provide the most extensive, accurate, and reliable results in the cannabis industry
  • Use an extensive quality monitoring system, and are committed to constantly improving our analytical testing method.
  • Communicate results to our customers in ways that are clear, thorough and actionable for their business.
  • Maintain a deep commitment to integrity and compliance at the heart of our company culture, as well as our long-term business strategy.
  • Anticipate the needs of our customers, exceeding their expectations, and partnering with them to ensure their long-term success.
  • Act as a trusted thought partner to regulators across the country, employing state-of-the art Quality Management systems that help improve industry compliance, ensure product safety and protect patients and consumers.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard

From cultivation to manufacturing to the final point of sale, our analytical data enables cannabis and hemp brands to deliver compliant products and a consistent experience.
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