Michigan Compliance
Research & Development Testing

617 E Hazel Street, Lansing MI, 48912
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: Based on demand.

Overview of Laboratory

ACT Laboratories is an independent third party laboratory located in Lansing, MI approved by the Michigan Regulatory Agency to provide Compliance and Research & Development testing to licensed operators in the cannabis space.

ACT Laboratories Headquarters Established: 2020
Seed to Sale Tracking System: MATRC
SQFT: 4500 with room to expand

Microbial Rooms
Dedicate microbial rooms are specific to the microbial processes.
Safe Transport
Enclosed garage for safe transport of client samples.
Secure Building
Secure building with employee mudrooms upon entry for uniform donning

Michigan Marijuana.

Learn about Michigan's Marijuana Program

Medical marijuana became legal in Michigan after voters approved of Proposal 1 in November 2008. Ten years later, Michigan became the 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana after voters approved the proposal 1 in November 2018.

Official Regulations

Michigan State Compliance Testing:

Our compliance tests are intended to meet the requirements set forth by the Michigan Regulatory Agency. One of our trained Sample Selection Specialists will arrive at your facility equipped with the tools necessary to take a representative random sample from your facility. The amount of product needed for testing will depend on the type of product being sampled, as well as the individual assays requested for that sample. A Chain of Custody (CoC) Form will be signed off on by both parties on requested tests to be ordered. Our authorized sample selection specialist will then secure the samples in the vehicle and transport them back to the laboratory to begin analysis. If a sample of cannabis does not pass a state-required test based on the standards set forth in regulations, depending on the results it could be recalled, or processed into an extract. All results will be reported through the state seed-to-sale tracking system and our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

As regulations are subject to change, we encourage you to reference the state’s official website for up-to-date state regulatory requirements to ensure required testing compliance: Official Regulations.

Research & Development (R&D) Testing:

R&D testing is available per the customer’s request. Cultivators and processors use R&D testing to help improve their processes and products. When our sample selection specialist arrives at your facility he will ask the type of testing to be performed. Since this type of testing is research-focused and the product will not be going to market the results are not reported to the state, a CoA will be released to the client through our Laboratory Information System (LIMS).


Road Map to Testing with Act Laboratories


An ACT Laboratories Sample Selection Specialist will take a representative random sample of the batch being tested.

Our sample selection kit includes packaging for any product you need to have tested in addition to our own garments to eliminate any possibility of contamination of your facility.

Next, the laboratory staff member seals the batch, signs off on a Chain of Custody (CoC) form with the customer ensuring appropriate tests are performed, receives the product manifest and the sample(s) are transported back to the laboratory for analysis.

When samples arrive at the facility an ACT Laboratories authorized employee: Verifies that the sample quantity, weights, and manifests all match. Receive manifest into the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system. Creates a new order in the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Sampling Day - Received by the lab prior to 12PMMonTueWedThuFri
Results Reports - By the close of business.ThuFriMonMonTue

Results are pulled from instruments as they become available. As quality checks are passed, results are uploaded through our Laboratory Information Management System, and seed-to-sale tracking system. If quality checks fail, we will repeat the analysis as needed.


Your Certificates of Analyses (CoA) are generated and released to you and your team through email for your easy reference.

Beyond the Test.

Combining the most advanced analytical laboratory science with decades of experience in optimizing and troubleshooting cannabis production processes, ACT Laboratories plays a key role in the success of its partners. Whether you are a new operator building out your operations or experiencing unexpected results in testing reports, we are here to help. ACT Laboratories provides consultative solutions during the pre-grow, grow, and post-harvest process. Our solutions have saved our clients countless hours of trial and error, making ACT the top choice for lab services among many of the nation’s top producers.

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