ACT provides a full range of compliance testing services catered to the regulations of each state within which we operate. Offered tests include cannabinoid and terpene potency, as well as tests specific for each mandated contaminant category including: residual solvents, pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Potency

Potency testing measures the strength and composition of finished products. Proper dosing is vital to any patient treatment plan and therefore test reliability, ensuring accuracy in product labeling and formulation, is a critical component of patient care.

ACT Labs focuses on the quantification of major cannabinoids and terpenes. Today’s patients understand that the value and the efficacy of their cannabis medication depends on much more than a THC value. Cannabinoids and terpenes may combine synergistically to produce effects within the human body, many of which are not yet widely understood. However, recent research has suggested that when terpenes interact with cannabinoid receptors they may assist or hinder the effects of cannabinoids. The presence of these so called entourage effects means that the value of a given medicinal product may be greater than the combination of its individual components. It is therefore critical to quantify all of these potentially helpful compounds in order to make valuable correlations with patient outcomes and develop successful treatment plans.  

Pesticide screening

ACT Labs performs pesticide testing in accordance with the regulatory requirements of each state within which it is licensed. Chromatography coupled with mass spectrographic detection is the standard technique for pesticide analysis at all ACT locations. Platforms and methods are developed, tailored to the needs of each state program in order to exceed specific minimum detection limits established for recognized hazards.  

Microbial Testing

ACT Labs performs qualitative and quantitative tests for mold and mildew, E. Coli, Coliforms, Salmonella, Gram Negative Bacteria, and Aerobic Bacteria.

Consulting Services

Experts in their field, the ACT Lab team is always available to help providers, provisioners, and patients navigate the sometimes confusing waters of the medical marijuana industry. As a business, it is our mission to protect and to educate medical cannabis patients by delivering the most reliable test results in the cannabis industry, and through valuable relationships fostered with our clients and communities. We are committed to providing the highest levels of customer support – beyond the test report.


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