Jeff Nemeth, CEO

Jeff is the CEO and a founding member of ACT Laboratories, Inc., a full-service cannabis testing company started in Lansing, Michigan.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Huston with a Fine Arts Degree in Photography in 1990, he began his career as a photographer. Over time he built a successful business, at one point operating a total of seventeen studios. In the early 2000’s, after having recently sold the photography business to Lifetouch National School Studios, Jeff was involved in a debilitating car accident. After subsequent years of chronic pain first managed through the use of prescription opioids, which he found both habit forming and ambition robbing, came the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program in 2008 and completely changed his life.

After obtaining a patient registry card, he had access to strains of medical cannabis which he found could both relieve his pain and help ease the symptoms of the oxycodone dependency that had inevitably formed from his previous medical regimens. To the astonishment of more traditional doctors at the time, Jeff  was able to overcome his dependency on prescription opioids, literally overnight.

Through this incredible experience, Jeff began to think more and more about how he could share his new knowledge with others to help them on their own journeys for relief and wellness. ACT Laboratories was founded with the idea that medical cannabis patients are better off knowing the truth about the medicine that they are taking, and when they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their medicines are safe. Jeff, along with the assembled team of scientists, have over the past three years, carried out the difficult work of developing validated test methods for each of the various components and potential contaminants contained in medical cannabis products.

Jeff’s comprehensive knowledge of the cannabis industry and participation in advisory meetings, panel discussions, site visits, and frequent communications with regulators, have made him a valued leader and trusted resource for Department staff as they go about the challenging task of setting forth strong and sensible program guidelines.